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Cattle Sales

Arrowhead Dispersal

Arrowhead Dispersal - September 13 at the farm

Click on image to view pdf Arrowhead Dispersal September 13
Deep pedigrees and show winning genetics for your herd!

Private Sale Highlights

Here are some of the outstanding animals that have gone onto new owners at Trinal and Arrowhead Holsteins.

All the best to Kelly's new owners!
Nominated Reserve All-Canadian!Comestar Destinee Goldwyn

Trinal Barbwire Kelly VG-85-1YR-CAN

1st Jr 3-Yr-Old 2016Ontario Summer Show
3rd Jr 3-Yr-Old 2016 Simcoe
3rd Jr 3-Yr-Old 2016 International R & W - WDE
1st & Res. Int. Champion 2016 Royal Winter Fair R&W
Nominated Reserve All-Canadian Jr 3-Yr-Old 2016
Sold to: Kevin Doeberiener & Lindsay Bowen, Ohio

Dam: Patience Joyboy Kenna VG-88
2nd Dam: Valleyriver Redman Kella EX-93-4E
3rd Dam: Valleyriver R Kensie VG-85

AHD Winhammer Joslyn

AHD Winhammer Joslyn

Sold to: Walkerbrea Holsteins, Guelph

Sire: Gillette Windhammer
Dam: Arolene Goldwyn Janet VG-86-3YR
2nd Dam: Clairbois Jed Janie EX-90-5E
3rd Dam: Clairbois Counselor Jeannou EX-3E
4th Dam: Clairbois Jane Sheik EX 3E
5th Dam: Clairbois Joey R A Supreme EX
6th Dam: Clairbois Joelle R A Amos EX


Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET
Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET

Oakfield Gold Topaz-ET EX-93-CAN

Sold to: Hodglynn Holsteins and Little Star Holsteins, Ontario

Dam: Luck-E-JK Dundee Tickle-ET EX-90
2nd Dam: Luck-E-JK Linjet Twizzle-ET EX-95 DOM
3rd Dam: Bardholm Trust Lee EX-93
4th Dam: Bardholm Truly Buck EX-90 EX-MS


Kingsmill Sanchez Lollipop
Kingsmill Sanchez Lollipop

Kingsmill Sanchez Lollipop VG 87 @ 2-Yr

2-00 2x 365 11,892kg 340 3.3% 292 2.9% (BCA 263-238-738) GLPI 2150
Sold to: Hodglynn Holsteins, Ontario

Dam: Brookview-E Looking Good-ET EX-94
2nd Dam: Brookview-E Encore Lexee-TW VG-88
3rd Dam: Brookview-E Tiger Love VG-89


 Richdale Sanchez Dolly

Richdale Sanchez Dolly VG-86 @ 2-Yr

01-11 2x 258 7,089kg 281 4.0% 226 3.2% (BCA 178-191-177) GLPI 2274
Sold to: Hodglynn Holsteins, Kincardine, Ontario

Dam: Richdale Atlantic Daisy VG-88
2nd Dam: Richdale Fabulous Debbie VG-87
3rd Dam: Richdale Emerson Debrah VG-86



Arrowhead Sanchez Zannie VG-87 @ 2-Yr

1-09 305d 2x 19,104 3.1 600 3.0 572
Sold to Larry Dykstra, Iowa

Dam: Havenvalley Gibson Zweetie EX-93-3E
2nd Dam: Havenvalley Zmall Mtoto VG-87
3rd Dam: Havenvalley Raider Zabrina VG-87
4th Dam: Havenvalley Skychief Zerlina GP-83 2yr
5th Dam: Havenvalley Astre Zabrina VG-88
6th Dam: Dothedale Thor Zinna VG-88
7th Dam: Dothedale Grand Fort Zita VG-85
8th Dam: Dothedale Cimaron Ritzy VG-85



AHD Sid Zumba

2013 Jr Champion Bruce Grey
Fresh September 2014 as a Milking Yearling!
1-11 2x 156 9,302 3.9 361 3.1 287 RIP kgs
Zumba sold to Hodglynn Holsteins, Kincardine, Ontario

Dam: Arrowhead Sanchez Zannie VG-86
2nd Dam: Havenvalley Gibson Zweetie EX-93-2E


Rivermar Pure Gold Kiesha

Rivermar Pure Gold Kiesha VG-87

02-02 2x 351 9,059kg 363 4.0% 303 3.3% (BCA 198-211-204) GLPI 1734
Sold to: Austin Yoder, Matthias Swartzentruber & Ruben Scaapman from Montezuma, GA

Dam: Rivermar Lheros Kylie VG-87
2nd Dam: Elmcroft Allen Kristal EX-90
3rd Dam: Elmcroft Lee Krista VG-85


Auction Highlights

Here are a few highlights of the sale on Aug 14, 2014.

AHD Atwood Della

AHD Atwood Della VG-85 @ 2-Yr

Sold to: Rick Alders, Wainfleet, Ontario

01-11 2X P64 5,302kg 202 3.8% 154 2.9% (BCA 140-128-412) PLPI +2160
Dam: Jolibois Delima Gibson EX-91-2E
2nd Dam:Jolibois Dellie Spirit VG-87-2Yr
Lifetime: 5 Lact. 57,465 kg 2052F 3.6% 1761P 3.1%
3rd Dam: Echo Ridge Skychief Delight EX-4E


Arrowhead MOM Licky GP-84 @ 2-Yr

2-00 2x 10,945kg 378 3.5% 361 3.3% (BCA 290-268-296) GLPI 2853
Sold: Full Sister Just Fresh with Second Calf!

Dam: Bonaccueil F B I Linu VG-88
2nd Dam: Comestar Liane Stormatic VG-87

SOLD: Arrowhead MOM Licorice-ET GP-83-2Yr

Sold to: Rick Centennial Home Holsteins, Lansdowne, Ontario

1-10 2X 358 13,113kg 445 3.4% 432 3.3% (BCA 314-277-313) LPI 2748
Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET
Dam: Bonaccueil F B I Linu VG-88
2nd Dam: Comestar Liane Stormatic VG-87
3rd Dam: Oconners TVF Rudolph Lilly VG-88
4th Dam: Comestar Laura Black VG-87
5th Dam: Comestar Laurie Sheik VG-88
6th Dam: Elysa Anthony Lea EX